What is JobTrainer?

JobTrainer is an initiative that was recently introduced by the Commonwealth Government in partnership with the Victorian Government. It is a $260 million fund to increase access to free or low-fee training for young and unemployed Victorians impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

How is JobTrainer funded?

The JobTrainer initiative is funded by Commonwealth Governments in partnership with the State Governments. The Commonwealth Government has invested up to $260 million to increase access to training for thousands of Victorians to support pathways to employment.

How does it work?

JobTrainer is available for people who want to study a skill or a qualification that is included on the JobTrainer list, which is determined by the Commonwealth Government. The courses that are included are selected because they are best suited to supporting recovery from the pandemic and our state’s economy. JobTrainer is available to eligible Victorians in a wide range of industries identified as having genuine skill needs and employment growth, such as health, construction, agriculture, community services, food processing, financial services, logistics and beauty services.

A full list of JobTrainer-eligible courses at Chisholm is available on our JobTrainer page.

Eligible students are able to access free or low fee (concession) qualifications and free short accredited courses (skill sets) in key industries and occupations.

Am I eligible?

You are eligible to participate under JobTrainer if you:

Are an Australian citizen, permanent resident, New Zealand citizen or asylum seeker, and

Are aged 17 to 24 years old when the course starts; or

Are a job seeker of any age, where a job seeker is defined as a person who: holds a valid and current Health Care Card, Pensioner Concession Card or Veteran’s Gold Card (including a dependant spouse or dependant child of a card holder); or are unemployed.

What other information about course selection is helpful to know?

If you’re eligible for JobTrainer you will be able to access Free TAFE courses, even if you hold a higher qualification.

For all other priority qualifications under JobTrainer, eligible students will pay only 20 per cent of the listed tuition fee. You will also be able to access a free skill set through JobTrainer even if you have studied before – skill sets will be available for enrolment soon.

You can access up to one full qualification and one skill set under the JobTrainer fund.

JobTrainer qualifications and skill sets are available through the Victorian TAFE network as well as a range of other training providers. Information on all JobTrainer qualifications and skill sets can be found on the Victorian Skills Gateway.

JobTrainer supports Victoria’s Skills First program that subsidises full qualifications and skill sets (including tuition-free training at TAFEs) and complements other initiatives to support Victoria’s economic recovery, such as free infection control training and government-subsidised construction skill sets.

If I think I am eligible what do I do next?

If you haven’t yet applied or enrolled with us, you can speak with our Student Enquiry and Enrollment Services (SEES) team and they will talk you through the simple process. We just need you to essentially ‘sign up’ for the course under JobTrainer, rather than our general enrolment. The benefit to you is lower or no fees. Your education and training costs are then provided to us via the Government’s JobTrainer fund.

If I could be eligible but I am already enrolled.

The JobTrainer program is quite new, so depending on when you commenced your course, will determine your eligibility. If you are already enrolled and are eligible for JobTrainer we will need to process the change to JobTrainer within 55 days of your commencement. If you haven’t commenced yet we can process the change to JobTrainer and its benefits. Please speak to our SEES team for advice and guidance on this.

What changes for me under JobTrainer?

If you’re eligible for JobTrainer, the change will be less funds paid for your education and training. It’s a win for you. There is no change to your course or its delivery – JobTrainer is really a government support scheme to enable you to enrol without the concern of fees, and to encourage people to upskill and gain new qualifications following the past year, which was challenging for many people, small businesses, industries and sectors. Encouraging more people to become trained through training providers like TAFE allows for more skilled people in our workforce and helps to build our economy.

Our Student Enrolment and Engagement Services Team can provide you with more information about JobTrainer on 1300 244 746.