Begin training for an exciting career in hairdressing while completing your secondary school studies

This one-year program will offer students the training of a first year salon apprentice in their initial six months. Training includes practical skills for styling, removal of chemicals, and basin services, as well as theory studies in client communication.

40 hours mandatory If students are unable to source placement, they will be able to access Chisholm Salon days. (Salon days may not be scheduled on the same day as the VET program)

Proposed timetable
Frankston Wed 9am – 3pm, Fri 9am – 3pm.
Dandenong Wed 9am – 3pm, Fri 9am – 3pm.
Berwick Wed 9am - 3pm, Fri 9am-3pm.
Mornington Peninsula Wed 9am – 3pm.

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Course code
Delivery location
Dandenong, Frankston, Mornington Peninsula
Not available Online
Not available for International students
Part Time, 1 year.