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A full and thorough understanding of the way in which a normal skin behaves is essential if we are to effectively promote its day to day health and address any issues of dysfunction. What you will learn will help create a foundation to all other study of the skin, this course is essential for anyone wishing to specialise in remedial skin care and advanced aesthetic skin treatments.

In this online course you will learn:

- Layers of the skin (Epidermis, Dermis, Subcutaneous layer)

- Layers within the Epidermis and the process of keratinisation (production of skin cells)

- Appendages of the skin (sebaceous glands, sweat glands, hair follicles)

- Structures in the Dermis (collagen, elastin, dermal matrix, fibroblast cells)

- Specialised cells (melanocytes, Langerhans cells, lamellar bodies, mast cells, receptor cells, fibroblasts)

- Describe the major chemical components of the skin (sebum, the acid mantle, intercellular cement, melanin, NMF) and how they influence the skins condition and behaviour

Once complete you will receive a statement of attendance.

This course is conducted via zoom and a link and password will be sent to you two days prior to the class commencement.

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