Step back in time and experiment with photographic processes dating back the to 1800s.

This short course in alternative processes with introduce you to creating photo-based prints using found objects, light-sensitive paper and a range of chemical processes.

Our introduction to the darkroom course is suitable for beginners with no experience of darkroom processes, as well as those with some expertise who want to revisit the magic that the black and white darkroom has to offer.

Topics explored include:
- Photograms
- Cyanotypes
- Lumen prints
- Chemigrams
- Scanning and print enlargement.

You will receive one pack of 8x10 photographic paper (25 sheets).

Course code
Delivery location
  • What to bring
    Found objects – we will discuss best objects in the first session
    Grey lead pencil
    White cotton gloves
    One sheet clean glass approximately 10 x 12 inches. You can take a piece of glass out of a frame and cover the edges with masking tape for safe handling
    One sheet clear perspex approximately 10 x 12 inches
    External hard-drive or USB
    Covered footwear is essential.