Back to basics with old-school analogue photography

Are you wanting to shoot black and white film and make your own prints? Or craving to get back into the darkroom and revisit the excitement of watching your prints develop?

This short course provides an introduction into the black and white darkroom – how to process black and white film and exploring printing techniques from your own negatives.

Our introduction to the darkroom course is suitable for beginners with no experience of darkroom processing and printing, as well as those with some expertise who want to revisit the magic that the black and white darkroom has to offer.

Topics explored:

Black and white film processing
Black and white paper development
Contact sheets and enlarging
Test strips and print controls
Contrast filters
Dodging and burning.

Course code
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  • Fees

    Fee: $400.00


  • Available sessions and enrol online
    Available sessions and enrol online
    Campus Starts on Finishes Time Sessions Available places Enrol
    Frankston 06/09/2022 18/10/2022 Tue 05:00 PM - 08:00 PM 7 14
  • What to bring
    35mm film camera, an SLR is preferred
    Grey lead pencil
    Notebook and pens
    Covered footwear is essential.