Work placement

The Bachelor of Engineering Technology professional accrediting body, Engineers Australia, requires a minimum of eight weeks suitable work experience/practicum during the student’s enrolment in the engineering technology degree program. A major requirement of the practicum is that it exposes students to the work of the professional engineering technologist to provide appropriate context for their studies, enable them to better recognise their responsibilities as professional engineering technologist and to further develop their professional attributes.

Chisholm Institute will support students in gaining suitable work placements, but students are also free to seek a suitable work placement themselves. In addition, mature students may already be undertaking suitable employment. In both of these cases, students should confirm the suitability of this work experience with the Course Coordinator. The work placement would normally be taken during the summer break between the fourth and fifth semesters. However, there are academic advantages if work placement is taking place earlier in the student’s studies and this is encouraged.

On completion of the eight weeks work placement, students are required to submit a full report on their placement.