Your guide to Early Childhood Education and Care work placement with Chisholm Online

Work placement is structured workplace learning that helps prepare you for the workforce. It is a mandatory component of the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care and is designed to help you better understand the course learning materials by putting them into practice. 

How do I find work placement?

Each student is responsible for finding work placement, with the support of Chisholm Online.

Early Childhood Education and Care work placement can be found by approaching individual childcare centres directly or applying online through local councils who offer this. When approaching a centre directly, the best approach is to:

  1. Find a list of centres near you by visiting the the national register for regulated education and care services and entering your postcode.
  2. Contact you preferred centre directly by email or phone to ask if they accept work placement students. Then arrange a time to meet the centre manager to see if you would be a good fit for their team. 
  3. Once you have found a placement opportunity, you will need to complete some paperwork for Chisholm Online before your start.  
    If you are already working in a registered education and care service you may be able to complete all of your placement assessment in your own workplace.

The local councils of City of Casey and City of Knox have online application services for work placement.

Apply for kindergarten work placement at the City of Casey.

Apply for kindergarten work placement at the City of Knox.

When should I start and finish my work placement?

You may do your work placement at any time during the study period. Most students choose to do their placements during weeks five and six, however some students choose to spread their placement out by doing one or two days a week. Spreading the placement hours out is a way to ensure your work, study and family commitments aren’t affected.

Work placement must be completed by the end of the study period in order to be included in your results.

How do I ensure my chosen centre is approved for work placement?

The Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care requires students to complete work placement in a registered education and care service. A regulated education and care service is typically a child-care centre, early learning centre, kindergarten, before or after school care program, holiday care program or a community centre.

Check to make sure your centre is registered.

Please note that care provided in someone’s home is not considered appropriate for the purpose of work placement.

What do I need to document during my work placement?

You will have a checklist of tasks that you’re required to complete to an acceptable standard as part of your assessment.  Your Chisholm Online teacher will be in contact with you and your supervisor at the centre to make sure that your placement is going smoothly and to also conduct a formal assessment with you.

How do I know if my course requires work placement and how many hours of placement do I need to do? 

When enrolling in your course you will be informed about your work placement requirements. The student engagement team can also let you know if and how much work placement your course requires. Most modules will require around 25 hours of work placement. So if you are completing more than one module in a study period, then additional placement hours will be necessary. 

Will I need to complete a first aid course before doing work placement? 

You do not need to have this unit prior to doing a placement, but you will need to complete it and send the transcript to Chisholm Online in order to achieve your Early Childhood Education and Care Diploma qualification.

The First Aid unit (HLTAID004 – Provide emergency first aid in an education and care setting) is a requirement of the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. Chisholm Online does not offer this unit as it needs to be completed on-campus. You can enrol and complete this training at a Chisholm TAFE campus, another TAFE campus, St John’s Ambulance or another community organisation.  

What do I do if I have questions or I can’t find work placement?

Your teacher is your first point of contact should you have any questions about your work placement during your studies. He or she can provide you with valuable tips on finding a placement, along with some suggestions for centres students have visited in the past. 

You can also get in touch with Chisholm Online’s work placement coordinator on 1300 275 265 or by emailing

If you haven’t yet enrolled and would like further information on work placement, our engagement team is able to assist with any questions you may have on 1300 275 265.